Shy? Some Tips to Boost Your Confidence

Do your conversations end in an awkward silence? Are you afraid to make the first move? Do you avoid being the center of attention? If your shyness is getting in the way of your social life, perhaps it is time to ignite your self-belief. Staying in the background won’t get you where you want to be. Here are some tips to help boost your confidence.

It Begins With You
If you don’t believe in you, no one else will. Begin your morning with a pep-talk in the mirror. Repeat after me, You are strong, intelligent and beautiful. Or whatever words give you that armor you need to hold your head high. We all have an aura that either draws people to us or puts them off and a self-assured aura attracts.  

Start Slow
The best way to be confident is to be comfortable. Start with your wardrobe, what outfits make you feel great? Next are the people, who makes you feel at ease? Surround yourself with people, places and things that don’t intimidate you. Start off in simple situations and work up to the scary stuff. When you are at ease you can be yourself without worrying.

Face Your Fears
Learning what scares you in social situations will help you take that fear straight on. Maybe you are afraid you can’t carry on captivating conversations or are insecure when it comes to flirting, the only way to find out if you have the talent is to try. A trusty wing-woman and a glass of wine might give you that extra boost you need to jump right in.

Embrace Your Strengths
If your passion is fashion, use that to create conversations or meet new people. Compliment someone’s shoes, I absolutely love your Louboutins, to break the ice. Whatever your interests may be, use them to your advantage. If you kick ass in Scrabble, challenge someone to a match. It might seem dorky but you would be surprised how serious people are about that game. Plus, it will get the crowd laughing and sharing their interests with you. Before you know it you’ll have completely forgotten you were ever a shy one.

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