Make Your Career Goals A Reality

You already know you can’t just sit around and wait for your dream career to be presented to you on a silver platter. You’ve got to work your butt off for it. Ready to get down to business and put all of your energy into acheiving your career goals? Heck yes you are. You’ll reap the benefits of inspiration, drive, and smarts in the process, and there will be no time wasted. We promise. Here are 5 pointers for getting off to a a great start. 

Whatever you want to do, start doing it now.
Want to be a writer? Start a blog. Want to be a designer? Start making clothes. Don’t even worry about any of it being time wasted. Even if you don’t end up using it for your portfolio, you’ll hone your craft and learn a lot about your method in the process. It’ll also give you something to show for yourself as you work your way up.

Don’t underestimate the importance of face to face meetings.
In this digital day and age, many connections are made on the interwebs. But the face to face meeting trumps all. This is where you get to show off your wonderful personality, unique style, and quick wit. You can’t do that in text alone. A potential employer is much more likely to remember meeting someone face to face than reading a resume online. 

Celebrate every small step.
You need to feel like you’re making progress, and allowing yourself to feel great about the small achievements is totally crucial. Even if you feel like you’re starting from scratch, think of all the ways you might be ahead of someone else who wants your job. Track your progress, too. Envision yourself on a steady incline, with a little bit of great work behind you, and lots of opportunities to shine ahead. 

Act like you already have the job.
Embody the profession you want. Wear what you’d wear if you were working in the office of your dreams with the inspiring co workers you imagine you’d have. Be a little dillusional. If you idolize Lena Dunham’s career, make like Lena Dunham in every way possible. If it benefits your confidence and inspires you, who cares? No one needs to know you walk around imagining you’re on the set everyday but you. 

Be constantly inspired.
Consider everything you do in your life a small stepping stone to benefit some aspect of your dream career. If you’re currently a waitress but aspiring to be an actress, think of your restaurant as an improv theatre and hone your skills with every single table you serve. Live the job, and soon it will be a reality.

Do your research.
Read all you can about the profession you want. If you can’t get an internship, clock hours at the library as if you were heading into the office. That way, you’ll become a master of it before you even start doing it. So geek out, and do it in a way that excites you. If you’re constantly filled with new knowledge of your career path that fills you with excitement, you’ll always be moving forward. 

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