5 Compatibility Questions

Date questions are super tricky, especially with a new relationship. You don’t want to sound contrived and you certainly don’t want to interrogate the poor dude sitting across from you, but you need to know if this person is worth sticking around for. These questions are not only useful and fun conversation starters. They’re not intimidating to hear or hard to ask. Keep ˜em in mind for dates of any level.

1. When you were a kid, what did you used to love?
Childhood memories are fun to talk about, and they reveal a lot about a person’s past without getting too heavy or weird. If you’re close in age, you’ll get to bond on some cool nostalgic topics. Leave it open ended, so you can talk about any activity, game, food, band, etc.

2. What could you blow an entire rainy afternoon doing?
Walking around bookstores? Watching 90’s flicks? Writing music? What we do when we’re house bound on a rainy afternoon says a lot about our pleasure-styles. It also presents an opportunity to show off your intellectual skills a bit.

3. What’s something you’ve always wanted to be really good at?
This gives you a chance to talk goals and accomplishments. I’ve never been into the idea of yoga but I really want to try kick boxing … How lofty are their goals? What are they doing to make their dreams a reality?

4. What activity always clears your head?
How a person unwinds sheds light on their lifestyle. Do their relaxation strategies involve distractions or more contemplative methods? Do they prefer to clear their head around people or alone? How often do they allow themselves / need to unwind? What happens if they don’t?

5. When does your time fly?
Losing track of time doing something means we probably genuinely enjoy it and are really good at it. These are most likely to be the things that come naturally to us and feel comfortable doing. Find out if your partner is a workaholic who genuinely loves what he does or a homebody with a mind for pleasure. 

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