Etiquette Rules for Your Holiday Work Party

The holiday work party can be a tough scene to navigate. Your situation will be different if you work in a straight laced office than if you’re a bartender in the club district for example. Either way, you don’t want to act a complete fool in front of your boss and colleagues no matter what. Whether you’re dreading your work holiday party or looking forward to it, here are a few do’s and don’ts for the inevitable tension of mixing of business and pleasure.

DO make moderation your motto. This goes for drinking, dancing, karaoke, etc. Partake of the party and have fun of course, but keep your wits about you. You never know who might want to introduce you to their date who might be someone you want to network with. You can’t articulate all your accomplishments (and have someone take you seriously) after 6 glasses of mulled wine.

DON’T have a conversation you wouldn’t have at work. If you have a personal relationship with one of your co-workers and talk about your dating lives while you’re on the clock all the time, obviously that’s fine. But bear in mind after a few rum and eggnogs that if you feel like now’s the time to inquire into your super quiet co-workers’ personal life, it probably won’t go over well. Even if you think it will in an eggnog haze.

DO help out your co-workers who happen to overindulge. Resist the urge to make fun of them to other party goers. That’s rude and we’ve all been the drunk girl before. Just because they made a bad call doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to get home safe with plenty of water in them. On a selfish note, this will also make you look mature and responsible.

DON’T hook up with anyone at the party. By this, we mean just don’t let it go down within the physical space of the party. You’re a big girl and you can hook up with whoever you want as you deem it appropriate. But if you happen to regret your slumber party with Bob from accounting the next morning, the worst part of it all will be wondering if anyone saw you making out at the party.

DO talk to everyone. Don’t worry so much about acting reserved or professional that you don’t have a good time. It is a party after all and your boss is probably footing the bill for all of it – he or she wants their staff to have a good time. Talking to everyone will allow you to network and will actually maximize the likelihood of you having a good time. Plus, if the whole night sucks at least you can say you tried.


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