8 Sexts that Will Drive Him Crazy

God bless the inception of the mobile phone for making it easier than ever for us to tell our guys exactly what it is we want. Especially when it comes to wanting it dirty.

Throw those inhibitions to the wind girls and the next time you wanna get sexy with your man try out one of these sexts, guaranteed to get him in the mood and to get you exactly what you want.


“Let’s stay in tonight and have a party for two. In my bed…”

Can’t decide on your plans for the night? This is one way to solve the dilemma. 

“I wish you were here right now…”

This one gets points for quality over quantity. I mean, when you send this text, his brain is definitely going to assume you wish he was there so you can….well, you know.

“I’m in bed and I’m bored. Wanna play Simon Says?”
Nothing like turning a childhood game into a very, very adult type of one. Send this to your guy and then set off an entire string of telling each other where to touch and tease yourselves until you reach the point of no return.

“I had the best dream last night. Wanna know what you were doing to me?”

Best when sent first thing in the morning, it will lead to a whole day of fun sexting that will make coming home to one another exceptionally dream-worthy.

“I just bought new panties. You like?”

Obviously needs to be accompanied by a photo, preferably with the panties on you. Bonus points if the shot is very taken somewhere like work (up your skirt, under your desk) or in the dressing room of the store (post-purchase, of course).

“Jumping in the shower. You wanna come?”

The perfect way to start off a night out with your guy that you want to end a very specific way. Send this when you’re getting ready and believe us, it will keep him in the mood for the rest of the night.

“That thing you did last night…”

Even if there wasn’t one particular thing he did, this text will send his mind running in all kinds of directions, reliving everything the two of you did the night before and getting him prime and ready for the night ahead.

“On my way. Get naked.”

Who doesn’t love a bit of anticipation? Sending this as you’re heading out the door to his place will guarantee that you’ll be looking forward to some serious action the second you walk through his door.


Straight to the point. We like it. He will too. Bet he’ll never drive/bike/walk/run so fast again in his life. 

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