How to Make A Swoon-Worthy Entrance

It seems like some people can just walk into a room and light it up with their presence. It’s not just luck – they’re likely completely aware of the way they hold themselves and the energy they give off.  If you want to make a killer entrance, you have to portray an air of confidence and positivity. It all starts with feeling good about yourself. Here’s how to make a stunning entrance in any social situation.

Prep for the night. Get yourself prepared for the event by boosting your mood. Get dressed and do your makeup while listening to your favourite power songs, light candles, pour yourself a glass of wine, shave your legs,  treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure if you want to splurge. However you get in a good mood and de-stress, make sure you take some time to do it. Then you won’t take any of the baggage of the day with you.

Have great posture. Holding your head high and standing up tall will make you look and feel more confident. (Wearing heels also does wonders for lengthening legs!) Keep your shoulders back and don’t slouch when you’re sitting. Channel your inner statuesque diva. Move with grace, and if you trip up, laugh at yourself.

Make eye contact. Look into the eyes of all people in your line of vision. This will make you look approachable. People will want to talk to you when you have eyes that smile. When you’re talking with someone, give them your undivided attention. Ask them questions about their lives. Be honest, talkative and interested. Don’t let your eyes wander all over the place, even if they’re boring.

Feel good, look good. When you’re wearing something you feel good in, you’ll feel a lot more “you.” Think of the way you feel when you buy a new outfit, it changes your whole demeanor. Making a statement with your style helps you get noticed. Demonstrate your personality through your clothes. Especially if you have some unique accessories, people will probably compliment you on them, which can be a conversation starter.

Smile. Smile brightly at everyone you meet and consider everyone worthy of your time. Even if you don’t want to talk to someone in particular, do it anyway. If people see you talking to people you didn’t come with, they’ll be more likely to talk to you because they’ll assume you’re outgoing. When you laugh, let loose!  It never, ever hurts to appear friendly and fun. 

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