Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend’s Wedding

She’s been your partner-in-crime for more years than either of you would ever like to admit (What? You’re both totally still 21, right?). Now she’s got a ring on it and she’s heading down the aisle to marry her soulmate, the man who will be responsible for making her as happy, if not more, than you have for all the years before.

Show her how insanely happy you are for her with the perfect gift for each part of her journey of going from Miss to Mrs.


For her Bridal Shower…

Make her a memory box. This is the part where you get to be super, duper, over-the-top cheesy and make everyone at the party let out a big “awwwwww”. Bust out your creative side and decorate a shoe box with photos of the two of you and other memorabilia of your friendship. Inside, fill the box with all the little things that represent your relationship – make a CD of all your favorite songs, put in snack size versions of your favorite chocolate bars, write her a letter depicting your memory of the first time you met her, make a list of ALL the crushes you both had over the years, and don’t forget to add those little inside jokes that only she will truly understand.

For her Bachelorette…

Pick out something sexy. This is one of her last nights out as a single woman, make sure she revels in all it’s glory. Take her out shopping the day of and encourage her to try on the sexiest outfit she can find with a pair of seriously kick-ass shoes. She looks incredible right? Well when she heads back into the changeroom, tell the cashier to ring it up and pay for it. Then she’ll have no choice but to don the duds for her night on the town. It’ll guarantee to make it a night she’ll never forget.

For her Wedding Day…

Get her a Claddagh Ring. These traditional Irish rings that are given as gifts as a representation of love, loyalty, and friendship between two people. Think of it as her “something new” and bring something to attach it on to her bouquet on the big day. Afterwards, she can wear it and always remember that you were right there,by her side, on her big day and will continue to be right there, through thick and thin, forever more.

For her Honeymoon…

Buy her travel credit cards. There is nothing worse than getting on vacation half way across the world, buying a $2 coffee and suddenly having your credit card frozen for suspicious activity. Yes, it’s nice to know the credit card companies are doing their job, but seriously, it can be a pain trying to get sorted out when all you want to do is be laying on a beach. Save your friend the hassle and pop a couple of prepaid travel credit cards in her bag for emergencies (or a splurge!). She’ll be eternally grateful for the thoughtfulness.

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