What Do David Beckham, H&M & the Super Bowl Have in Common?

…Well, David Beckham is will be playing in the Super Bowl wearing H&M, of course! Well, no. Not at all.

However, football fan or not, you may want to tune into the event anyway since it's just been announced that David Beckham will be in a 30-second H&M commercial that will air during the game. (You know, the game renowned not just for its outcome, but for the commercials most of us will never see again.)

Don't expect just gratuitous shots of David Beckham walking around wearing clothes — the soccer star will be playing second fiddle to H&M's Bodywear collection and the ad itself, which "will be the first ad ever in which viewers will be able to shop featured pieces directly from their TVs."

Say whaaaaat? 

Yes, the chain is reportedly pioneering "t-commerce" technology from Delivery Agent. And only those watching the Super Bowl on Samsung Smart TVs can actually reap the benefits. (So, yeah, 90% of us are probably out of luck there.)

Meanwhile, H&M's Boydwear is available now (after launching in 2012), so you could always just buy it and sit in front of your TV on game day shouting, "Beat you to it! Beat you to it!" to show everyone how powerful you really are.

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