Find Mr. Right on Valentine’s Day

Being single on Valentine’s Day can be totally awesome…or totally lame, depending on which side of the scale you fall on. But if you’re at the point when you’re totally ready to get back in the game (or are maybe even just looking for a little fun) this Valentine’s Day, then we’ve got all the picks for the places where cupid’s arrow might just have a clean shot at you.

The grocery store

We know you’re out there, the girls who have always had the really cliché© vision of meeting the man of your dreams when you both reach for the same melon in the fresh foods aisle. Well guess what? Most couples will be out splurging on ridiculously overpriced dinners tonight, leaving the grocery stores a wide-open territory for eligible singles. So, you know, maybe change out the tracks and hoodie this one time.

A sports bar

First of all, unless there is some sort of major groundbreaking sporting event happening that night (and of course there won’t be, that’s why Superbowl was two weeks ago…) there are so few chicks who will be okay with hitting up a sports bar with their man on V-Day. That means your odds are very, very good that a majority of the males kicking around a sports bar that night will probably be single and ready to mingle with the totally cool chicks who hang out in sports bars.

A soup kitchen

Not only is volunteering something that will fill up you’re own heart on the day of love, but it is also somewhere that you might be lucky enough to come across someone else who was alone and decided to give back to those in need on Valentine’s Day. And let’s be serious, who doesn’t want to date that guy?

The gym

Also probably one of the last places you will find those annoyingly happy couples on Valentine’s Day evening (honestly, even those crazy couples who work out together all. the. time probably won’t be here tonight), so chances are good that you might get to scope out some serious single hotties working those squats on Valentine’s Day. And even if you don’t, hey, you definitely won’t have to wait in line for a treadmill.



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