How to Master the 69

Maybe you’ve tried it before and it was a #FAIL, maybe you’ve never been able to get up the guts to try in the first place, there is no denying that the 69 is not a position for the faint of heart (or the weak of neck muscles). Whether you’re ready to give it another go or just wanna test run it for the first time, here’s our tips for mastering the illusive 69. 

Clean up well

There’s no denying that 69 is a position that leaves very little to the imagination. In the dimmed lights of your bedroom your partner is going to have their eyes and nose”two very important body parts for the sensual side of sexual relations”near some parts of the body that they don’t often come in such close contact with. Make sure that a good wash and a good wax have been attended to lately before you climb on up there.

Get comfortable

69 isn’t usually a quick in-and-out position”it is oral sex after all and we all know how long that can take sometimes. Making sure that both you and your partner are comfortable is exceptionally important, so undertaking this on a hardwood floor is probably not a good start. Using a pillow under his head to keep him from having to strain his neck and cushioning under your knees are also great ideas.

Don’t be scared to reverse the action

There’s no 69 rulebook that states that in order for it to be successful, the lady has got to be on top. Truth be told, it’s actually completely inaccurate. For a new experience try switching it up and let your guy lean over you. It gives surprisingly good access to use your hands on his balls, his super-sensitive perineum and his anus. Additionally, lying on your sides is the perfect way to get your lazy-day 69 on.

Get going early

It’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that it will likely take a woman longer to orgasm over a man, so to maximize the benefit for both involved parties try getting close to orgasm before you start 69’ing or let him focus for a little while on you before you start paying attention to him. We can almost guarantee that in a position this sexy, the view and the sounds will be enough to bring him almost to the edge all on their own.

Practice makes perfect

Learning to enjoy yourself while trying to pleasure someone else isn’t an easy task. That kind of multi-tasking takes a lot of work and practice. Don’t be discouraged by the 69 if you get distracted and can’t finish or have to switch positions to do so. Keep at it. When you finally hit that perfect rhythm, it can be one of the best positions. It’ll be worth the effort.

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    Lying on the bed on your back with your head hanging over the edge while your man stands and leans over you is a great way to give deep head and receive oral. Mmmmm.

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