Inexpensive Summer Fun

It is August and summer may be winding down soon, getting outside to do stuff seems like a no-brainer. Summertime fun doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve compiled some ideas to keep you busy, enjoying the hot, hazy days of summer while keeping the wallet in tact:

Theatre in the park
Regular theatre tickets can end up being a bit pricey. Especially if you’re an arts buff. But, the summer months generally bring out theatre troops or quirky, fun performances to outdoor public venues, like community parks. If you live in the city, check out what’s going on in some of the parks around you. Generally shows are free or are pay what you can.

Nothing says summer like a well spent afternoon on the beach. Bring some friends, pack some food and toss a volleyball around for some exercise. And when it gets too warm, jump in the water for a quick cool-down.

The summer weekends in the city generally mean the arrival of fairs, cultural events and the like. Entry to these are mostly free. It’s a great excuse to be outside, get to know another part of the city and people watch.

Movies under the stars
Take a look at your local city listings, but most areas have a free outdoor movie night once a week during the summer months. You can generally find these in city squares and the movies they show tend to be older ones but classics. Pack some popcorn and enjoy Hollywood under the stars.

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