6 Reasons Why You Want to Be Single During the Holidays

Everyone always moans and groans about how awful it feels to be alone during the holiday season. We spend hours and hours on Tinder leading up to the dreaded end of the year hoping to find someone who will join us at our dreaded work holiday party and to kiss us at midnight but you know what ladies? We’re here to tell you that, contrary to popular opinion, it’s a good thing to be single during the holidays and here’s why:

You save a boatload of dough

Let’s be honest, not only are you going to save on travel costs if you guys live in different cities, but there will be no gifts for him and his family whom you’ll desperately want to impress. Even if you don’t save that money, you’ll get to spend it on you. That’s a win. 

You can also actually enjoy your holiday shopping

The more people you have to buy for, the more stressful Christmas shopping becomes. Those of us who are blessed with shorter shopping lists are luck because you get to enjoy Christmas shopping at a leisurely pace. Enjoy those bright lights and gorgeous window displays gift. You deserve it!

You get your family and yours alone

Whether or not you consider this a good thing, there is a lot to be said for not having to deal with the stress of deciding whose family you’re spending the holidays with or how you are going to split it up. When you’re flying solo there is one family and only one family¦yours.

You can binge watch

Netflix and chill with yoself this holiday season. Sure they give you all those extra days off so that you can make sure you spend time with your family and your SO’s, but if they don’t exist you owe it to those days to spend them in trackpants, eating ice cream, and binge watching an entire season of Gilmore Girls.   

You can be naughty

Forget about that nice list “ the holidays are a great time to be a little naughty when you’re single. You are now personal responsible for making every mistletoe sighting and that especially important midnight the most pivotal of the year. Come on, do it for us who will be living vicariously through you. 

You can decorate how you want

Want to put up a hot pink wreath on your front door? Decorate your tree with nothing but cat ornaments? Have a totally hipster looking menorah? Well guess what? No one is around to tell you not to, so we say rule on girl, rule on.  

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