Holiday Gifts for Every Relationship Stage

Buying holiday gifts can always be a hassle, and it can be especially hard to find that perfect present for your significant other.

We’ve pulled together the best gifts to get for your man for whichever relationship stage you may be in.

Out on a few dates:
If you’ve only been on a couple of dates, but think that you could actually develop a relationship with this guy, go for something fun, playful and inexpensive.

Our pick: Bacon toothpaste, $5. 
We know men love bacon, and if he sees it in toothpaste form, he’ll definitely think it’s cool (though, maybe a little bit gross). Etiher way, it’s creative and original, which he’ll be sure to love. 

One “ six months
You’ve been dating for a few months, and you’re actually starting to really like this guy, but you don’t want to give him a gift that’ll send an I-like-you-too-much message. Show him that you’re aware of his interests by getting him a boxed set DVD of his favourite series. Bonus: Offer to watch it with him “ there’s nothing better than cuddling up on the couch watching TV on a cold winter day.

Six “ eleven months
At this point, your relationship is probably getting more serious, so opt for a gift that will allow you to do something memorable together. Think concert tickets, skiing passes, tickets to a hockey game, etc. Or plan the perfect winter date: Ice-skating, followed by hot cocoa, and then a nice romantic dinner at home.  

One Year
You’ve made it to the one-year mark! Since you have ventured into the long-term relationship stage, now’s the right time to get him that one item he’s really been eyeing for a long time.

Our pick: Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer
Every guy needs a good pair of sunnies “ and you can’t go wrong with this classic, universally flattering pair! 

Two to three years
What better way to mark your time together with a watch? This classic gift is something that will last him for years to come.

Our pick: Michael Kors Gunmetal Stainless Steel Runway Chronograph Watch, $250.

Five+ years
By this point, you’ve probably exhausted every gift idea possible. Change things up by planning a romantic getaway for the two of you. Willing to splurge? Treat your man (and yourself) to an all-inclusive vacation down south. Short for cash? Book a hotel room for the weekend at a nearby city and spend quality time with your love by relaxing in bed all day. 

Tip: Check deal sites like TeamBuy for great prices on hotels and vacations. 

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