Hostess with the Most-est

Tis the season¦for cocktail parties and family dinners and guests popping in and out unannounced! How is the perfect hostess ever to be prepared for it all? With these, our top eight must-haves for hostessing this holiday season!

A Pinterest account
Um, helloooo. Have you been on Pinterest before? If you have, there is no need for us to even reinforce this being on our list.

A full serving set
Twelve is the magic number. No, not six or eight, like you get in the $19.99 sets from Ikea. A true FULL set of serving dishes includes places for twelves guests. And enough serving platters to dish out food to them all. And ladies, this isn’t college anymore, the entire set should be matching.

Festive scents
Cinnamon spice? Apple cider? Winter pine? Who doesn’t love the warm scents that come with the holidays? Answer: No one! Keeping them subtle and appropriate, find ways to bring dashes of seasonal scents into your home via air fresheners, candles, or soaps.

Good wine
This includes always having at least one bottle each of a good white wine and a good red wine. If not more. This is the holidays people, you never know who is going to be dropping in and how long (or how many glasses) they plan on staying for.

Real napkins
No, we don’t mean you have to go all out and bring on the real cloth napkins for your guests. But an investment into a couple hundred good quality napkins (not the kind that feel like you are wiping your face with cardboard) will go a long way to impressing your guest.

Not only are peppermints a great way to ward off the lingering scent of that garlic cheese dip your guests just devoured, but it is also a great way to help with digestion. Make sure to always have a stash on hand to toss in a bowl for your guests, post-dinner. 

Toilet paper
Does this truly need any further explanation? Other than maybe to say a simple “there is nothing worse than¦” 

An extra bed
There is always going to be that one guest at every party you host who has just a little too much to drink and who “just needs somewhere to lie down¦..for five minutes¦..just five minute”. Even if it’s just a makeshift couch bed always make sure to have somewhere that others can sleep it off.

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