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The Bachelor is by far one of the most guilty pleasure shows on the airwaves, and while we’d love to believe that the people going on the show really are doing it for the right reasons (to find true love), the show’s 13-year history of sustaining a lasting—and normal—relationship suggests otherwise. And when you see the crop of some of the people that go on The Bachelor and its spinoffs, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise, you can kind of see why. We all know to take reality TV with a grain of salt when it comes to… reality… but isn’t there a small part of us that wishes some of these couples could pull through? We’ve rounded up some of the recent Bachelor breakups and some of those that are still trying to make it work.

Andi & Josh:

The most recent breakup that sent the Bachelor-verse into a tizzy was Andi and Josh, the disgustingly adorable couple who met on Andi’s season of The Bachelorette. Both of them lived in Atlanta, mere streets from one another when they met on the show and on the season finale of Andi’s season, they sealed their promise to wed with a fat ass rock. The breakup: Editor Sara has some serious theories about what went down with these two lovebirds. After being seen on the red carpet on the season premiere of Farmer Chris’ season of The Bachelor, the two went to the after party where they were likely surrounded by some of Andi’s former Bachelor flames—including Chris, for that matter—and Josh’s hot temper came out. While we don’t know for sure if this is true, our editor’s hunch seems pretty plausible considering the two announced their separation the next day.

Juan Pablo & Nikki:

We don’t need Nikki to go into details as to why they broke up… If you’ve seen Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor, you have a pretty good understanding of who he is. Nonetheless, after the show ended without a proposal, but rather a promise to start dating and really get to know one another, we knew Nikki was headed for trouble. The breakup: After rumours had been swirling for some time that JP’s wandering eye was wandering away from his beloved, the two finally called it quits, with Nikki stating that they couldn’t make the distance work and they just had different lifestyles and priorities. Translation: he liked the Miami nightlife and she wanted to settle down. On the red carpet, Nikki held it together and even defended JP for a while. Maybe he really was a good guy deep down?

Emily Maynard & Brad Womack (and all their S.O.’s):

Emily and Brad dated when they met on Brad’s second run on The Bachelor, broke up before the show finished airing and then got back together before they ended it for a second time. Even though she was quoted saying she wasn’t sure she believed in the show(several times for that matter), Emily then went on to her own season of The Bachelorette, choosing Jef (she should have chosen Arie, but I guess there’s no point in arguing that now…), but they broke up too, just being at different points in their lives, probably some of it having to do with her daughter, Ricki. Emily has since married a guy she met at church, so maybe there really is a happy ending for all of these guys.

Bachelor Makeups:

We’re looking at these guys that are trying to keep the love alive, even past the show.

Lacey & Marcus: the two met on Bachelor in Paradise last summer and in a surprise twist, got engaged on the finale and are apparently still as doe-eyed for one another as before.

Sean & Catherine: So adorable it’s gross. Also they’re both pretty funny. Did we mention adorable?

Desiree & Chris: These newlyweds just got hitched!

Ashley & J.P.: These two recently welcomed a baby boy after being married for a couple years.

Jason & Molly: “The Mesnicks!” Need we say more?

Trista & Ryan: The “golden couple.” The first couple to make it work who met on the first season of The Bachelorette. Granted, there have been rumours of marriage troubles, but over a decade is pretty impressive for a reality TV couple.

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