Unexpected Colours to Don on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day (also known as doomsday) is right around the corner—joy! Like most societally contrived celebrations, it can connote different things to different people. It may mean that you’ll be going out for the classic romantic dinner with your partner. Or maybe it’s that day where you and your theory-obsessed friends get together and rant about how oppressive and commercialized holidays are, and forget about the pressures to find intimacy—no, I’m not bitter at all. Or maybe it means none of these things, and it’s just a typical day, no less, no more.

For us, it’s an excuse to get in touch with our sartorial sensuality (date or not). Why not take this Valentine’s Day and turn it into an opportunity to dress up a little, and get in touch with your sexual side. Though the colours of sexiness are conventionally understood as red and black, especially around this time of year, we don’t believe that these are the only hot and heavy hues to wear. Rather, we feel that the eroticism of colour is always shifting, depending on time and culture.

So step out the box (not the chocolate one) and experiment with other sensual colors for V-Day, whether you’re going out or couldn’t care less about this "holiday." While some of the colours suggested may surprise you, others you’ve probably always had a crush on.


Nude’s relationship with sexuality is undeniable. It’s the colour of flesh. It’s the colour of so many Kim Kardashian Internet-breaking outfits. But most importantly, it’s the colour of Carrie Bradshaw’s “naked” dress (not to mention the iconic fur coat she put over it). Though Bradshaw's ensemble is iconic, no need to try and pull this look off. Instead think about injecting nude into a sleeveless blazer or military-style shirtdress for a sensual undertone.


Keep the mood light and lovely with pastels, a trend that seems to be here to stay. At first pastels may feel slightly juvenile but when designed properly, like Balenciaga’s SS15 RTW collection of soft lilacs and dusty baby blues, we see how romantic pastels can really be. To present them in a way that retains sexual maturity apply them to a silk blouse or slim-fitting pants.

Rose Gold

A close relative of the classic red, blush is just as hot but a little more sweet and subdued. Aim for wearing this feminine friend via leather skirts or cropped jackets (denim, if you dare). Don’t love the colour for your clothes? Try incorporating it into your hair. You can test it out first with hair chalk and once comfortable go for a couple streaks or a full head.

Psychedelic Hues

If the SS15 RTW runways have taught us anything it’s that high-end designers are really diggin' that '70s style. And what says sensuality more than the party-going, hedonistic mentality? Not much. To highlight the hypersexual '70s into your wardrobe we recommend adorning yourself with a kaleidoscope palette. Gain inspiration from the House of Chanel with their SS15 RTW watercolour jackets and matching boots or perhaps something more trippy like Jermey Scott’s SS15 RTW high-inducing, Miley Cyrus-wearing separates. 

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