4 Reality Checks to Give Your Relationship

Sometimes, relationships take an unexpected turn that land you and your partner in a place you never wanted to end up. Whether you’ve found yourself fighting all the time, bored of your partner, or neglecting your individual lives, letting the little things spiral out of control can lead to some possibly deal-breaking issues. Nip damage in the bud by keeping regular tabs on your relationship. Without over thinking, just ask yourself these questions so you can make sure you’re in touch with your feelings all the time.

Are we spending too much time alone?
Hanging out just the two of you all the time can lead to you both becoming way to dependent on each other. This can be harmless unless you can’t get through your day without him. It’s fine to want to see each other everyday, but don’t let your sense of security come from him alone (or anyone else, for that matter). Make sure you have time to yourself to do creative / fun things, but also that you and your partner go out with mutual friends and other couples regularly. This way, things stay interesting and you’ll never run out of things to talk about.

Are we way too comfortable with each other?
You want your partner to be your best friend, but you also want to keep things sexy and exciting. Find a balance by setting some boundaries. For instance, he should treat your place like a lady lives there – put the toilet seat down, cleaning up after himself, etc. This is a two way street, of course. You don’t have to act like you’re still dating / trying to impress each other, you just want to confirm that you respect each other as well as your individual selves.

Am I bored?
If you’re bored with your partner, you’ve probably fallen into a routine that’s stifling the spark. The best way to fend off boredom? Start with the bedroom. Dressing up and acting out fantasies is a fun way to act out fantasies together. It might seem counter-intuitive, but “being” someone else for a night will actually introduce a new side of your personality that your partner (or you) haven’t met before.

Am I neglecting my life?
Feeling like you’re missing something that you just can’t put your finger on? Reminiscing on “who you were” during a time when you were single or with someone else? Feeling consumed by a too-intense relationship can actually have the result of making you less compatible with your partner. Being true to yourself isn’t easy. Humans are impressionable and sensitive creatures, and we’re influenced by everyone and everything around us. As a rule of thumb, always put your needs before your partners needs. Your relationship will benefit from it.

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