8 Classic Horror Films to Watch With a Date on Halloween

You may be too old to trick or treat, but now that you’re an adult, you can spend the evening drinking Boneshaker martinis and watching classic horror films with your special someone – unsupervised and everything. This Halloween, turn out the lights, hide out from trick or treaters and watch one of these ten classic horror films, which offer many an opportunity for cuddling … and perhaps a few laughs.

Cat People (1982)

Expect more skin than blood in this erotic horror flick, which stars a young Malcolm McDowell as the New Orleans minister who hosts his sister, Irina, in his home for the first time since the death of their animal-trainer parents. He takes the opporunity to tell Irina of their family’s werecat heritage, and the fact that their parents were brother and sister – and they are inevitably destined to follow the same path. Eeeerrie ….

Psycho (1960) 

This Hitchcock classic has it all: blood and guts, complex and sinister characters, a messed up romance, and an iconic shower scene you’ll never forget. The tale follows a secretary to a remote hotel in the desert, run by a deeply disturbed owner, Norman Pateman. He soon proves to be posessed by his dead mother, and supposedly under her influence, commits some sinister deeds.

House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

Rob Zombie’s exploitation horror film became a cult classic in the early 2000’s. It follows two couples on a roadtrip with the purpose of writing a book about obscure roadside attractions. Their venture leads them to investigate the local legend of “Dr. Satan,” which ends them up as hostages in a backwood’s family home, where things take a turn for the weird on Halloween night.

Scream (1996) 

The most famous teen slasher trilogy of the 90s, the Scream trilogy has it all: black humour, post modern themes, a teen-dream cast, gruesome deaths, blood, gore, and an-round fun plot. What better night than Halloween to relive the grisly politics of high school?

Ginger Snaps (2000) 

When Ginger, a death-obsessed high school girl gets bitten by a wild paranormal creature, she begins noticing physical and mental changes – hairy hands, the beginnings of a tail, and heavy menstruation. Her best friend and a local drug dealer concoct a remedy which she is to take on Halloween night, but the cure comes too late.

American Psycho (2000) 

Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman, a Wall Street yuppie by day, a disturbed serial killer by night. He narrates his daily life in stream of consciousness dialogue, from loveless dinners with his fiancé©e Evelyn (Reese Witherspoon) to carrying out sinister fantasies with prostitutes, until he begins to experience bizarre hallucinations, driving him to come clean to his colleagues about his alter ego.

Blair Witch Project (1999) 

Three student film makers embark on a journey into the Maryland Black Hills to make a documentary about the local legend of the Blair Witch. What begins as an Anthropology class assignment becomes a 6-day quest to return to civilization as the forest seems to turn on them. The “found footage” that makes up this film was discovered a year later by police after the trio went missing.

Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) 

Wes Craven’s famous low-budget supernatural slasher flick follows a group of high school kids who are plagued by nightmares of Freddy Kreuger, a deceased burn victim who wants to seek revenge on their parents for burning him alive. This film is worth a watch if only for a 21-year-old Johnny Depp’s debut film performance – and the 80’s synth soundtrack.

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