How to Write Your Perfect Online Dating Profile

Fishing without with the right bait makes for a boring, lonely canoe ride. The same can be said for online dating. Just because you’ve filled in the blanks and uploaded a picture or two doesn’t mean you’ll land a worthwhile catch. And with today’s busy lifestyle, who wants to waste time dealing with the toss-backs and casting off another line? The trick is to start with the right lure. Follow these tips to creating a perfect online profile, and you’ll be reeling in a winner in no time.

Pick a unique header
Hello just isn’t going to cut it. Neither will, Looking for Fun, Seeking Lifelong Partner, or I Never Know What to Put in These Things!

Many online dating sites require you fill out a header for your page, an often neglected or overlooked aspect of the profile. But it shouldn’t be. The header is your hello; it is the first thing prospective daters notice, and should incite them to check out more. Try to go for something memorable, but not over the top, and make sure your header says something about you. For example, Closeted Star Wars fan seeks stealthy movie accomplice.

Choose the right photo
Yes, it’s very tempting to shave a few pounds off via Photoshop or correct a blemish or two, but try to keep your profile picture as honest as possible. If all goes well, he’ll see the real thing anyway, and his first thought shouldn’t be, Uh.. she looks nothing like her picture.

Choose a recent picture, one just of you (not cropped) and select a natural pose. Laughing pictures create an inviting image and will make you seem approachable and friendly. Avoid the sexy side-angle shot or pursed lips. The MySpace days are over.

Show, don’t tell
If you’re funny, athletic and adventurous, don’t just say you’re funny, athletic and adventurous. Be as specific as possible, and try to show your personality through your writing. If you’re funny, crack a few jokes and mix some humour into your paragraphs. Don’t just say you like sports, say you’ve been in the community soccer league for the past two years and slip away to the local tennis court when you have a free Sunday afternoon. Describe your latest European backpacking adventures and how you sprained your wrist whitewater rafting. As they say, it’s all in the details.

Say what you’re looking for”tactfully
I want someone who can make me a mother in three years probably isn’t the way to go. But be clear about what you want, and you’ll kill two birds with one stone. Guys will be drawn to you if you know what you want and aren’t afraid to say it, and you’ll filter out the ill-fit prospectives by being upfront about what you’re looking for.  Try to list your criteria in an upbeat way. For example, I’m looking for someone under thirty who would want to accompany me on my next European adventure. Sounds better than, Mustn’t have crows feet, doesn’t it?

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