5 Things to Do with Your Girls at Christmas Instead of Giving Gift

The holiday season can be an expensive time—between parties and Christmas shopping, not to mention buying food if you’re entertaining, it’s easy to go over budget. But since you always like to get a little something for your girls, why not skip the wrapped pressies and do something fun with them instead? Because, in the end, you’re more likely to remember that night you all spent together over that top she bought you that lasted a whole season. So, with that in mind, we’ve rounded up some fun ideas to do instead of gifts, whether you’re on a really tight but or searching for a bit more adventure.

Movie Night
Looking to save some serious cash? Skip everything and invite your girls over for some romantic Christmas movies, some snacks and some eggnog (the adult kind). There are few things better than watching movies like Love, Actually and The Holiday with people who actually appreciate the love stories. If you want to add some extra fun, have a sleepover style movie night like when you were teens. That way no one has to get themselves home after you polish off that last bottle of peppermint schnapps and you can have a big family breakie the next day.

Baking/Decorating/Crafting Day
If you’re looking to DIY it up this Christmas, why not invite some friends over to help? Whether you’re making cookies for the office or need some help decorating your pad or even going full Martha with your Pinspiration for gifts and dé©cor, having some ladies around will make it much more fun and will make the time go fast. Just maybe wait until you’re done with the scissors and glue guns to bust out the vino.

Spa Day
It’s been a long year and the holidays can be a stressful time. Blow off some steam by heading to a spa for some R&R. Tons of spas and salons have some serious deals around the holiday season for gifting, so take advantage of it and take your girls for a little mini oasis, even if you never leave the city.

Girls’ Getaway
If you’re finding yourself with a little extra cash (hello, holiday bonus) or flying solo over New Years, plan a trip with your girls. Even if you don’t head out until after the holiday season is over, setting the wheels into motion for a trip to somewhere hot and sunny will give you the motivation you need to push through the cold weather, and spending a week with just some friends the beach will really reset your mood until summer.

Does this need further explanation? You shouldn’t even need an excuse for this.

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