Our In-Flight Beauty Secret

Long haul flights can be trying on the skin – dehydration and that dry, recycled air can make you look less than desirable once you’ve disembarked. But not all hope is lost! Giving yourself a mini-facial on board may get you some weird looks from fellow-passengers, but it will guarantee you’ll look refreshed when you’ve arrived.

Pack any necessary products in mini TSA approved bottles (no containers bigger than 100ml and all neatly packed into a zip-lock bag), or pay a visit to a department store, or pharmacy for a sample size of a favourite product, or to try something new you may fall in love with. Whatever products you do end up choosing, make sure you pick things with little to no fragrance as they can irritate your skin or your fellow passengers.

No need to add water when you pack baby-wipes or makeup removing wipes. Gently remove everything but any eyebrow pencil you’re wearing and mascara.

Vitamin pack
If you have a favourite serum (like Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Booster) you’ve brought along, or managed to score a sample of something new – as long as it’s super hydrating, slather it on! Massage your skin upwards, make gentle circles with your fingers around your eyes. Give yourself a little TLC – but careful not to elbow the person sitting next to you! 

Moisturize and rest
After you’ve let the serum sink in while having a cup of tea (hold onto the tea bag!), open up your super thirst-quenching mask or moisturizer and slather that on. Make sure it’s a no-rinse formula like Ole Henriksen Truth Creme so you’re not struggling to get it off in that tiny bathroom later. Work the mask or moisturizer upwards, paying close attention to your nose, t-zone, and around your mouth. If you’ve got tea bags from your beverage before, gently place them on your eyes after squeezing out any excess water. Leave them on for 5-10 minutes, remove, and then slip on the sleeping mask as you let the products work their magic and you get some necessary rest.

When on any flight, and especially long-haul trips, make sure to drink adequate amounts of water. Getting a 1L bottle (after security from Duty Free) is a great idea if you’re prepared to drink it all before disembarking the flight. 

Bon voyage!

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