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If you’ve stuck to your New Year’s resolution of living a healthy lifestyle, good for you, actually, great for you. But now it’s time to take your new eating regime to the next step with these natural and organic supplements to add to your blended juices and foods, which will make your body feel even better – and don’t worry, they actually taste good too!

Flax seeds

When I first came across flax seeds my first reaction was a mix between blah and meh, especially considering its simple appearance. However, don’t let this tiny seed sway you from enjoying its various benefits, which includes Omega-3 fatty acid, antioxidants and dietary fiber. But the best thing about flax seeds is that you can add them to anything. Smoothies, cookies, cereal “ anything and it won’t affect the taste.  Extra benefit: they’re available at most bulk and grocery stores, so you don’t have to worry about finding it.

Cacao nibs

I’m a HUGE chocolate lover. HUGE. Yet, for some reason I did not know about this real chocolate add-in until my fiancé© bought it from a health store. If you’re an avid baker or just like to bake, cacao nibs are a healthy, yet sweet alternative to already sweetened or semi-sweetened chocolate chips. You can also eat them raw – although it won’t be as sweet. Use a grinder and grind up the nibs into a paste or powder, add to organic milk and stir for a classic childhood treat.

Organic hemp protein

If one of your resolutions this year was to increase your workout schedule, then you’ll also need to increase your protein intake. Hemp is the perfect protein to add to your daily juice or smoothie, especially if you’re looking to increase your energy level. Hemp mostly comes in the form of hemp flowers and is available on OrganicCBDNugs. It might not be the best taste in the world but it will help you with your weight loss and you can buy it in powder form, which makes it much easier and tolerable when adding to foods.

Acai berry

Remember when Acai was a really big thing? Oh, wait “ it still is. But only this time instead of the exclusivity that used to surround it, now anybody can partake in this wonderful purple fruit! Full of anthocyanins and flavonoids  – which is just another way of saying antioxidants – this South American food gem is said to prevent heart disease and assist in aging gracefully – and we all want that! Getting the berry itself is nearly impossible, not to mention expensive, but there are acai berry powders available at health food stores for a fraction of the price and still have the same nutritional benefits.

Goji Berries

Thank you Miranda Kerr for spilling her not-so-secret healthy snack as part of her eating regime. The Victoria’s Secret Angel praises the tart dried berry for its antioxidant benefits and believe me, this berry may not taste sweet, but the dubbed superfood is full of Vitamin A and is said to increase your mental health, vision and make you feel happy. If you’re new to trying goji berries and don’t want to eat them right out of the bag, soak them in filtered water over night and then add to hot oatmeal or cereal in the morning.

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