Four Designers to Watch

Now that LG Fashion Week is upon us, it’s time to reflect on international spring offerings and use the second largest fashion week in North America to cap off the Fall/Winter endeavors and decide what’s what. Thus, in the spirit of I knew them when . . . here are four designers we think you should keep your eye on.

Who: Amanda Lew Kee

Why: It’s only fair that we acknowledge a Canadian connection, but with actress Shenae Grimes singing the praises of the recent Ryerson graduate to the likes of Nylon magazine, don’t consider Kee our token Canuck offering. Having won rave reviews after her show in October, her F/W collection is set to take Friday night by storm, with clothing inspired by ongoing environmental disasters that boast dramatic hues and rich textures. TGIF indeed.

S - Amanda Lew Kee 300x400S - Amanda Lew Kee Designer 200x300

Jason Wu

Why: Hardly of the up-and-coming variety (fine, we admit it), Wu’s young age “ 27 “ is still more than enough to land him on the list. Why? Because with so much positive press following his F/W collection at New York Fashion Week, you can only be excited for what the next four to five decades will undoubtedly bring. Boasting androgyny, polish, sophistication yet eclecticism, the modernity of 2011 was captured through the designer’s use of fabric, print and (lack of) colour. Smooth.

S - Jason Wu Collection 300x400S - Jason Wu Designer 200x300

Mandy Coon

Why: Earning international acclaim (specifically that of Vogue) Mandy Coon and her bewitching full-length skirts, luscious textures and multi-dimensional qualities made for an eye-popping F/W collection “ especially for those already taken with the season’s affinity for dark fashion. Dramatic, grungy “ but not dirty “ Coon’s been tapped to be one of the year’s next big things, and with praise from nearly every fashion publication since her debut collection 2010, it’s safe to assume we can expect more from the Texas native.

S - Mandy Coon Collection 300x400S - Mandy Coon Designer 200x300

Mary Katrantzou

Why: Wearable? For some. But what sets the London-based designer apart is not so much her young age (although she did just graduate from Central St Martins school in 2008), but her use of colour and patterns; cementing her as a favourite of the UK fashion world that was only re-affirmed after her shows at London Fashion Week both last year and in February. Using digital prints as her backdrop, each piece is legitimately tells a story, as both the items and the prints on them propel the pop-art legacy through the digital print revolution.

S - Mary Katrantzou 300x400S - Mary Katrantzou Designer 200x300


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