The Canadian Women’s Foundation Wants Your Support In Advancing Gender Equality

The Canadian Women's Foundation Wants Your Support In Advancing Gender Equality

The struggle for gender equality across Canada, and the world, is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Regardless of who you are or where you live in, advancing gender equality, addressing misogyny, building up women and girls of diverse backgrounds, and showing support for women everywhere is critical to all areas of a healthy society.

Gender equality is a universal problem and battle, one that most people want to get involved with, but don’t necessarily have the outlet or understand their role in the fight. That’s why the Canadian Women’s Foundation is stepping in and launching #CountMeIn, a national campaign and movement to recruit and galvanize as many people across the country as possible to join non-profit organization. As Canada’s public foundation for gender justice and equality, the Canadian Women’s Foundation is looking to grow a community of people who want to build a gender-equal Canada and take action on urgent gender equality issues we face today.

The call to action is simple: to make sure no woman, girl, Two Spirit, trans, or nonbinary  person feels out of options, out of sight, out of time, or out of mind; to support single mothers working second jobs; to end gender pay gaps; to ensure children who have seen violence don’t grow up to relive it; to support survivors of abuse; to see leaders that reflect the diversity of our communities; and to want sustainable, fair, and safe futures for every generation.

Statistics reinforce the need for urgent action. When asked about women and leadership six in ten women say that they sometimes find it difficult to picture themselves as leaders, according to the Canadian Women’s Foundation. In fact, the percentage of girls who say their confident drops from 36% to 14% between grades 6 and 10. The Canadian Women’s Foundation also points out that more than 1.5 million women across Canada live on a low income and the alarming statistics when it comes to gender-based violence, sexual assault and violence: 30% of all women age 15 or older report experience sexual assault at least once, while one woman or girl is violently killed every 48 hours, primarily by men.

#CountMeIn invites everyone in Canada to count themselves into the movement to take urgent action on gender equality. It’s a rallying call for everyone who wants to make sure no woman, girl, Two-Spirit, trans, or non-binary person feels out of options, out of sight, out of time, or out of mind.

Ready to join the Canadian Women’s Foundations active, generous community of supporters? To learn more or to join The Canadian Women’s Foundation #CountMeIn initiatives or to sign up for email updates visit and use the hashtag #CountMeIn on social media.

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