Six Spring Foods to Try

Eating produce in season is good for you in so many ways: it’s tastier, cheaper, more eco-friendly, and even more nutritious (food starts to lose precious nutrients when it’s shipped for long distances).

Bid farewell to your winter diet of frozen veggies, potatoes, and vitamin C supplements, and say hello to spring with these colourful offerings:

Asparagus: This green favourite is full of vitamin A and C and completely covers your daily requirement of vitamin K. It’s also a natural source of folic acid, which is especially important if you foresee pregnancy on the horizon.  It’s also got some hard to get nutrients like niacin (vitamin B3) and selenium.

Peas: First of all, they’re delicious (no need to choke these down with sauces, creams, or even salt). They’ve also got fibre, vitamins K, C, and B1, and minerals magnesium and folate. And because they’re a legume, they’ll help you get up to 9 grams of protein (per cup) on your plate before you’ve even had your main course. Take full advantage of their health benefits by eating them raw.

Watercress: Bring on the iceberg lettuce substitutes! Change up your daily salad with this spicy leafy green “ it’s loaded with vitamin A and C, and some extra calcium to help you reach your daily quota. It’s also great in soups or sandwiches. 

Radishes: We often think veggies only give us antioxidants, but a cup of radishes contains 30 mg of calcium and .4 mg of iron, two nutrients that almost all women need more of.  Add some to a salad to add instant zest, or munch on alone for a low-cal snack. And like cucumbers, they’re a cooling food, perfect for giving you relief on hot days. (Psst “ they also help with constipation).

Strawberries: Anything this bright red has got to be good for you, right? Right. The antioxidants in strawberries, called phenols, have anti-inflammatory benefits that help ward off types of cancer and heart disease, and one cup provides over 100 percent of your daily vitamin C needs.  They’ve even got some omega 3 fatty acids “ who knew?

Apricots: Time to take a break from that boring apple. Toss an apricot or two into your lunch bag to boost your intake of fibre, beta carotene (which helps to lower cholesterol and protect from heart disease) and vitamin A (which keeps your eyes healthy).

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