Top 3 Winter Sports to Try

It’s common for us to feel lethargic or down from lack of light and inactivity during the frosty months. Staying active in the winter can boost your energy, mood and overall mental health. Discover the universal language of sport, learn to love the snow and turn your usual resentment towards winter into fonder feelings every year. Embrace the climate of culture of snow with these top 3 winter sports:

Ice Skating
There is something magical about sashaying on ice beneath the sparking snow and stars. Outside rinks in communities and cities all over the country are now open to the public. Usually free of charge, this inexpensive activity is great for dates, friends and family. To get a real work out with ice skating try doing laps at least 3 times a week. If you’re confident enough with your skating skills try ice hockey for fun and for strength. Figure skating is also one of the best full body work outs with flexibility and choreography transcending to the dance floor or even the bedroom.

Whether it’s downhill in British Columbia or cross-country in Quebec, Canada offers one of the most beautiful backdrops to skiers and snowboarders alike. Glide through the white wilderness on cross-country skies to strengthen your endurance and refine your balance. A low-impact sport compared to downhill skiing, cross-country skiing can be a relaxing activity as well. Pursue downhill skies for another full body work out and a fun and thrilling ride. Great for the legs and more importantly the heart, plus getting outside means great for the mind. Ski resorts can turn out to be romantic realms as well where you can find yourself sharing cognac with Sven, the sexy ski instructor.

With the best elements from skiing, surfing and skateboarding this extreme sport has it all. It may look easy while watching the pros but snowboarding can be challenging at first so it’s best to take a few lessons before hitting the slopes, and with luxurious lodges from Alaska to the Alps why not grab the girls for a weekend winter escape. Once you feel confident you can start to learn fun tricks while strengthening different muscular groups. You also shouldn’t be afraid of falling or getting hurt, in fact you should be proud to accept the challenge. It’s also a culture of the coolest styles; the boards alone are fashionable and artistic pieces to take notice of.  

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