Fashion for Winter Fun

Outerwear shouldn’t be a chore. Get the most out of all the fun activities winter brings with gorgeous style options that’ll also keep you warm. Whether you’re bundling up for sports, skating or shopping, make it worry-free with our easy guide on what to wear.

What to wear for: winter sports

Keeping your legs warm and dry is easier said than done when you’re faced with snow pants that would make even the Michelin Man cringe. But you don’t need to swear off snow to enjoy the season. We’ve got you covered “ literally.

Option 1: Leggings and legwarmers.

Believe it or not, there are some leggings that will keep your legs more or less dry with a long ski coat. Many leggings (while not technically waterproof) won’t retain water easily if they’re made with lamé© or pleather. Think American Apparel’s Shiny Legging. Pair with legwarmers to keep you warm.

Option 2: Stick with snowpants “ in style.

The neon monstrosities (suspenders and all) of the nineties were enough to make me swear off snow pants, but they’ve come a long way since then. Try Oakley’s Fasten Snow Pant for a classic look, or one of Roxy’s myriad of colours and patterns, like their She’s Got It Printed Shell Snow Pants, $100.


Here’s your chance to channel your inner ice princess. One of the only winter sports you can dress up for without running the risk of getting soaked with snow. Mobility is necessary to showing off your twirls, but so is warmth. Opt for a gorgeous pair of tights in a subtle colour with a black lace skirt. Complete the look with winter’s it coat, shearling. Urban Outfitters’ Character Hero Faux Shearling Coat is a steal at $50.

Urban Outfitters Faux Shearling Coat

Marathon shopping

Whether you’re on the hunt for last-minute gifts or braving the boxing day sale jungle, long-wearing comfort and style are key. Ditch your holiday heels for over-the-knee boots with skinny jeans or jeggings. Add some interest on top with a shirt dress that has an embellished neckline, like the Roots Marianne Embroidered Dress, $60.

Roots Embroidered Dress

Sympatico Image


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