The Gentlemen’s English Aristocrat Aesthetic Is Trending

The Gentlemen's English Aristocrat Aesthetic Is Trending

By Alison McGill

Guy Ritchie’s Netflix series The Gentlemen is one of the best binges of the year. The nine-episode series is Ritchie’s first foray into the television, and with this series he brings his signature character-rich storytelling and cool Britannia vibe to the small screen.

If you’re a Ritchie fan, you know his universe has many stars. Chief among them: drugs, guns, gangsters, boxing, car thefts, teatime, and tweed. Ritchie’s cast of characters always encapsulate every bit of British culture and English dialect. The formidable country high life is also a main character of Ritchie’s productions; it’s this intriguing look into ancestral wealth and toff culture that lies at the heart of The Gentlemen.

The series (a spin-off of Ritchie’s 2019 film of the same name) details the life and times Eddie Horniman (Theo James), an army captain who returns home upon the death of his father to learn he’s inherited the family estate and the title of the Duke of Halstead. Eddie also inherits a massive amount of family problems—the debts of his drug addict brother, and a secret weed farm on property which is a thriving partnership between his late father, drug lord Bobbie Glass (Ray Winstone) and his daughter Susie (Kaya Scodelerio) who manages the operations. The Gentlemen’s characters are incredibly engaging; the action jaw dropping and outrageous; and the Gloucestershire estate setting is stunningly cinematic—the 15,000-acre Horniman property makes Saltburn seem basic.

Another huge star of The Gentlemen? The fashion. Particularly the posh looks worn by Susie, and the Horniman family matriarch Lady Sabrina played by Joely Fisher. Costume designer Loulou Bontemps is the mastermind behind the show’s outstanding wardrobe. And though Lady Sabrina and Susie have a very different vibe, both are quintessentially British money (old versus new).

Lady Sabrina’s look is classic, English gentry all tweed, fur, jodhpurs, Hermès scarves, and fedoras with feather plumes. She keeps her accessories classic: diamond drop earrings and a three-strand pearl necklace are her everyday go-tos.

The Gentlemen's English Aristocrat Aesthetic Is Trending - Instagram 1
ABOVE: Sabrina Horniman, The Duchess of Halstead, (played by Joely Richardson) wearing a stunning hat pin [Photo: instagram/maisonbontemps]
Boss girl Susie channels London It Girl—her wardrobe is stacked with the most enviable pieces. Susie Glass is always the most fashionable person in the room; her ‘fits are tip to toe designer looks from iconic fashion houses including Stella McCartney, Marni, and Gucci. She has a penchant for luxe outerwear and impeccably tailored suits.

ABOVE: A last minute costume for Susan “Susie” Glass (played by Kaya Scodelario) [Photo: instagram/maisonbontemps]
Bontemps has shared many behind-the-scenes moments from the show on her Instagram and reveals many of Susie’s pieces are covetable vintage finds. Susie’s also a girl who abides by a more is more, maximalist philosophy with her luxe accessories and jewels. She loves her Louboutin stilettos, and chunky gold pieces like hoops, charm necklaces and heirloom-style rings on every finger. There’s also her legendary timepiece—a classic gold Cartier Panthère is her everyday wear.

Consider Susie Glass’ iconic style as the mood of the moment. Goodbye mob wife, hello English aristocrat chic! If you’re looking to channel your own Susie Glass boss girl vibe, here’s six pieces essential to a gentrified wardrobe.

The Raspberry Beret
Susie wears many hats in The Gentlemen, but her go to is a little red beret that’s giving French girl chic in the bucolic English countryside.
BUY: Hats to Socks beret, $18,

The Hoop Earrings
A great chunky hoop will take you far and looks amazing worn alone, or as anchor pieces of a bold layered look.
BUY: Jenny Bird earrings, $138,

The Gentlemen's English Aristocrat Aesthetic Is Trending - The Herringbone Topper

The Herringbone Topper
Susie has a stellar outerwear lineup, with many plaid and tweed coats in the mix. We love this slouchy silhouette which can be dressed up or down.
BUY: Babton coat, $450,

The Gentlemen's English Aristocrat Aesthetic Is Trending - The Stiletto Pump

The Stiletto Pump
There is nothing more alluring than a perfect pointy heel. We love these ones because they look and feel good on the feet thanks to Aldo’s Pillow Walk technology.
BUY: ALDO pumps, $98,

The Gentlemen's English Aristocrat Aesthetic Is Trending - The Lab Diamond Ring

The Lab Diamond Ring
Mixing modern and vintage pieces is a Susie signature, and this glittering two-carat lab diamond set in a sleek, timeless design is totally her vibe.
BUY: Pandora lab diamond ring, $4,660,

The Gentlemen's English Aristocrat Aesthetic Is Trending - The Luxe Timepiece

The Luxe Timepiece
The Octagon watch by Rosefield has a striking black face paired with a sleek 1920s gold bracelet that feels totally deco and decadent.
BUY: Rosefield watch, $209,

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