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From the quirky fashions of Lady Gaga to the elegant style of Kate Middleton, these celebrities fit their own unique category. They hardly ever dress outside their prescribed box, and with good reason. These celebs have created their image and brand based on their fashions and have become the inspiration for women everywhere. The good thing for us mere-mortals is that we can pick and choose pieces from all these style icons!

The Classicist- Kate Middleton

The Duchess’ rise to her royal title has come with her fair share of scrutiny from the fashion world and press. Ms. Middleton has always stuck to her guns with her clean, simple and elegant fashion choices. Her modest dresses, perfectly cut blazers, and rich jeweled tone ensembles make her every bit the royal. An added bonus? She is economical. While her travelling wardrobe during her visit to Canada was a bit pricey at times, she has also been seen in modestly priced items from stores like TopShop. Kate’s signature look is elegant, but fun¦and of course having your own personal stylist doesn’t hurt either!

The Eccentrist- Lady Gaga

The woman wore a dress made out of meat¦need we say more? But, somehow, it strangely works for this singing sensation. Lady Gaga is all about going outside the box. In fact, it is hard to even label her style persona because she is so unpredictable. Her egg outfit at this years Grammy’s was not our favourite, but the girl can rock some seriously high shoes. Her signature look is out of the ordinary and based on how she is feeling that day. We can all take notes from Gaga to live in the moment with fashion and not always feel we have to prescribe to a certain trend or way of dressing for our body type or demographic.

The Glamour Girl- Blake Lively

Long blond hair, even longer legs and that effortless glamour that every woman would kill for. Blake’s vibrant mini-dresses, fun and flirty maxi’s and her flowing gowns all scream glamour. She has mastered the art of mixing vibrant colours for both day and night looks, and always looks perfectly put together- just not too ˜matchy, matchy’. Her signature style plays up her fabulous figure with all the right flare. A little sparkle here, some feathers there and the perfect pair of bright pumps to seal the deal. Blake follows trends, but always seems to be standing out while doing so.

The Tomboy- Kristen Stewart

Graphic tees galore, ripped jeans and a whole lot of rock and role mentality. Stewart makes grunge work with her laid-back wardrobe playing second fiddle to her strikingly beautiful features and figure. She doesn’t flaunt too much, and there is always something to be said for understated beauty. Kristen rocks some studs and sparkles for red carpet events but is always toned down on accessories. Take a note from our favourite vampire lover and work with what you got before you add on too many extras.


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