Fall Date Ideas

Just because the trees are changing colours and the morning temperatures have turned crisp of late, doesn’t mean you need to hang up your dating options and move indoors for the next six months. Sure, the weather may have turned chilly but there are still great options out there for your and your other to enjoy the outdoors:

Take a hike:
That’s right. Grab a pair of runners and a map of local area trails and spend an afternoon enjoying the fall colours together. You don’t have to go far out of the city, in fact, there are likely a few great options around the corner from you, so bring some hot chocolate and make the most of the tolerable temperatures while they last.

Jump in the car and take a day trip together. Plan it out or not¦both can be fun either way. Take the day to discover an area you haven’t been to and maybe pack a lunch for the trip. A day trip is a great way to get to know someone “ their likes and interests and how easily they can go with the flow of an unplanned, unstructured day.

The best thing about the fall season is the abundance of fall fairs scattered around small towns near the city. Spend a morning or an afternoon soaking up small town life and enjoying some fall fair fun and eats. It’s a breeding ground for random fun. Tractor pull anyone?

City at night:
Bundle up a bit and grab something warm to drink and take a stroll around the city at night and check out downtown as it lights up the nights sky. Window shop and perhaps try and explore an area you both haven’t been to before. It could make for a fun and memorable evening.

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