Tis the Season for Flying Solo

Let’s be serious here girls, we know that you are all smart and sassy and sexy women. We also know that some of you are blissfully happy in your relationships and that some of you are single. And you know what, either or is A-OK with us! We love you all the same! But what we also know is how bummer-ific it can be when you are the single girl during the holidays. Everyone is paired off and kissing under the mistletoe and you are stuck standing by the food table, sipping too-sweet egg nog and munching endlessly on sugar cookies. Well ladies, it has to stop! We won’t allow it! For the sake of your happiness (and your waistline!) over this holidays season, here are our tips for beating the single-girl blues!

Be mindful and meaningful
Sometimes the best way to really get back the enjoyment of the holidays is to go back to the roots of why it is such a great time of year. Throw yourself into the idea of providing each person on your list with something that is truly meaningful to them or something that you’ve spend the time to make by hand for them personally. It will add a lot more meaning to the season of giving than you could ever expect (and it’s a great distraction!)

Get in shape
Let’s face it, you are going to be eating a lot of turkey and downing a lot of wine this season, especially if you are constantly surrounded by a barrage of “super-happy-lovey-dovey” couples (gag). So why not rev up those happy endorphins and keep yourself looking fabulous by taking out those frustrations on the treadmill? Win-win.

Give back
We know, sometimes it seems like you are the epitome of misfortune during the holidays season, but guess what? You aren’t. And for that you should be very, very thankful. Don’t believe us? Then one of the best ways to prove it to yourself (and to potentially make this one of the most memorable years you will ever have) is to donate your time one of the multitude of causes that can use your help around this time of year. Better yet, round up a group of single friends and all lend a hand, instead of holding hands!

Mingle with the singles
The holidays are a great time to touch base with people you may have lost touch with over the years and luckily for you (we say very sarcastically), Facebook has now made it VIRTUALLY impossible for all of us single people not to know exactly who is single and who is “In A Relationship” or “Engaged” or “Married” (again, gag). Use this to your advantage and reconnect with some old single friends for a night on the town, away from all the couples!

Stand up for yourself
When all else fails, confront your family and friends head on. Sometimes simply letting them know that you are perfectly happy and content being single can make a world of difference. And no, they don’t need to set you up with so-and-so¦and yes, they are being very insensitive¦and no, you don’t want to talk about it. You will likely still be single after the holidays, tell them they can bring it all up then. End of.

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