Relationship Minefields to Watch Out For

Life is short. Really short. And while there are moments that feel like they stretch over eternity, mostly, time just whizzes by at lightning speed. With that in mind, why keep yourself stuck in an unhappy situation or one that just isn’t working? We’ve outlined some relationship minefields that if they rear their ugly head, start running.

1. Volatile Temper
Everyone argues. We know that. But if a big burst of anger is the response to a relatively minor issue, take note. That sort of thing generally gets worse as the person feels more comfortable with you. So stay weary and don’t let that slide.

2. Lying
Slippery slope since one lie generally covers up a few more underneath it. If you can’t get to the root of why this is going on, consider whether you want to invest your time in someone that has trouble being straight with you.

3. Infidelity
If both people aren’t 100 percent into the relationship, there’s little point in fighting for it. Yes, people get over infidelity and it can in fact be the launching pad by which a couple rebuilds what was once broken. However, chronic infidelity or the threat/feeling of it? No thanks. Take a pass and find someone that’s crazy about you.

4. Disrespectful
This one rears its head in small ways. Maybe she resorts to name-calling when you are fighting or perhaps he ignores you or undermines you when you’re upset. Do yourself a favour and don’t make excuses for the behaviour. If the person doesn’t treat you well or doesn’t think highly of you now, where will you be in five years? 10?


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