Signs You’re Dating A Serial Cheater

You know the saying, “Once a cheater, always a cheater?” Well it’s not totally true, except when you’re dating a serial cheater. They’re the kind of Cowboy Casanovas who jump from one relationship to the next, usually with some sort of overlap. Or they have multiple relationships at a time without telling their partners about the other girls. So if you’re dating a Lothario, you’re probably in for some heartbreak, not to mention STDs. So here’s what to look out for:

Your guy has been around the block

The most obvious sign of a serial cheater is someone who has been in the dating game forever. He’s never subscribed to monogamy for very long, so he’s had his fair share of short-term relationships. Watch out for the guy who is just too smooth. If he seems to know all the right things to say, it’s because he’s said them all before, and he’ll say them all again.

Most of his friends are women

A guy with all girl friends should be a huge red flag. He’s not interested in relationships with males because he can’t get what he wants out of them. And what he wants sex. All the friendships he makes are only people he’s biding his time with, waiting for the right moment to make his move. And the better looking the friends, the more dangerous the guy.

He’s addicted to the chase

This guy was all about chasing you, and the harder you were to catch, the more interested he got. But now that he has you, he won’t know what to do next. Except maybe chase some other girl. The chase is what gets his heart pumping. But settling down becomes boring pretty fast.

He brings you presents

It may be hard to figure out if a present is given out of love or out of guilt. But the guys who give their girlfriends presents often and without reason are few and far between. If your boyfriend is lavishing gifts on you all the time, small or big, it’s probably because he’s feeling guilty about all the other girls. Remember, if your relationship seems too good to be true, it usually is.

He doesn’t answer questions

He’s evasive, gives vague answers about what he was doing last night, summarizes without going into detail or leaves large gaps in his stories. It’s time for you to be the detective. Look a little deeper into what he’s saying. If it doesn’t make all that much sense, question it. Don’t just take his word for it.

He doesn’t fight with you

If your boyfriend refuses to fight with you, he might be a pushover. But he could also be a serial cheater. Fighting is awful, but it brings people closer together. It can be hard work, but it’s also necessary. Sometimes you need to get your point across, you need to make changes to your relationship, you need to be understood. And if your guy doesn’t even care enough to fight, he probably doesn’t care about you. If he refuses to work things out, it could be because he’s got other easier options.

If you find out you are dating a serial cheater, don’t feel like it’s your fault. You didn’t do something wrong. You couldn’t have changed the situation if you tried harder. It’s his issue not yours. And don’t stay in the relationship thinking you can change him. He’s probably been doing this for so long that he doesn’t know anything different. You’re best off to get out and get out fast. Or in true Hollywood fashion, you could team up with the other women and try to get even? Yeah, do that.  

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