How to Know For Sure that He’s in to You

We have all heard the tell-tale signs of when he is just not that into you but how do you know when he is into you? First, we must clarify the definition of into you. We are not talking about… ahem… the literal sense. One night stands, booty calls and heat of the moment make out sessions are not exactly foolproof signs that he likes you. When a man truly has feelings for you there are ways to know, it is all in the subtleties

He can’t take his eyes off of you
It is amazing how telling eye contact is. When he can’t help but look directly into your eyes when you are telling him about work, your friends or what you did this weekend, he is showing you he is interested in what you have to say. Giving you his undivided attention for even the smallest of conversations is a sign that he wants to get to know you more.

He remembers everything
Does he remember your birthday? When you first met? What your favourite color is? If even the smallest detail about you sticks like glue to his memory, it means that you are also stuck in his mind. Besides your mother and your best friends, only your boyfriend should know that much about you.

He gets clumsy
When he is really into you, his game goes out the window. He is has a flutter of butterflies in his stomach leading him to become shy or stumble over his words. Picking up on his stutter or moments of insecurity can let you know that he didn’t expect to have such strong feelings for you.

He is suddenly always available
If his schedule suddenly opens up in perfect unison with yours, he will do anything to spend time with you. He is conveniently at the same party as you or coincidently has tickets to the concert you are going to on Saturday night. Although this may sound like he is on the verge of being a full-fledged stalker, he could just be innocently trying to spend time with you.

Finally, put him out of his misery and let him know that you are aware of all the signals he has been sending. There is nothing better than finding someone who is beyond a doubt into you.

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