Alexa Chung for Madewell

For those of us slightly put-off by the idea of models or actors-turned-designers, our faith can finally be restored: British model and television host Alexa Chung has developed a new fashion line, and it’s not only wearable, but it’s actually great.

Though her line for Madewell “ the well-established American denim company that’s remained slightly under-the-radar until Alexa’s involvement “ was originally introduced in February, it’s now less than a month before it becomes available to the masses.  Meaning?  The fashion of fall 2010 has officially gotten much sweeter.

Inspired by the model’s day-to-day wear, the range includes pieces like high-waisted pants, velvet shorts and feminine blouses with Peter Pan collars.  Says Alexa of the line: I want to bring back 40s tea dresses, 60s mod dresses . . . I want to bring cute back.  (And we want you to bring it back “ so this idea bodes well for the rest of us.)

In a recent interview, she also went on to joke about the name of the line (which is Alexa Chung for Madewell): Pretty original, huh?  I’d wanted to call it ˜Better than a Poke in the Eye’, but I think we’ll save that for the buttons on the jeans.

So now we can support this line fully.  Why?  Because not only does the designer have impeccable taste, but she has a sense of humour to go along with it.

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