How to Play Matchmaker

Fix-ups are like return-of-the-80s trends: they can be dreadful for all involved if you aren’t smart about it. The results can be gratifying when all goes well, but one wrong move and you cause more resentment than a pre-prom Molly Ringwald‘s. Read on for what you need to consider to create sizzling sparks instead of smoking ears.

Know the people

Stick to people you know well when fixing up. They don’t necessarily have to be a friend, but you’ll want to know your co-worker or neighbour well enough to make sure they’d be a good fit. Not only for the other person’s sake, but to ensure you can set them up on an appropriate date. Sure, dinner’s usually a safe bet, but what if one of them has a gluten intolerance or is a severely picky eater? Think about each person’s comfort zone.

Know the expectations

Whether you’ve offered to set up a friend or they asked you to, it’s a good idea to have a chat with them about what they’re looking for. Even if they like the element of surprise, you need to know whether they just want to meet someone new for some casual fun or are looking for a serious love connection. It’ll help nix any possibility of hurt feelings over a simple miscommunication if all goes well.

Know the consequences

There is the chance that your friends will loathe each other. While it wouldn’t be your fault, would either of them be resentful? Or will it be awkward seeing them at work if the other person isn’t interested? Remember poor Rachel from Friends? She fixed her boss up with Chandler and had to deal with her incessant whining and asking why he hadn’t called her after he said he would. Entirely normal friends can sometimes turn into crazies when it comes to dating.

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