6 Myths About Swinging

It’s one of the most mysteriously intriguing sexual practices and yet swinging is also one of the least understood by those who don’t take part in the world. Since everyone seems to have an opinion and yet never really looks into the facts, we decided to set the record straight with six swinger myths that many people believe to be reality.

Myth: People who swing aren’t happy in their relationships

In fact it is quite the opposite. Swinging involves a level of commitment, trust, and communication that many couples might never be able to achieve. Couples who swing are often happier because they’ve talked about their wants and needs and have put them into motion.

Myth: Swinging is cheating

Cheating is when you have something to lie about or to hide from your other half. Swinging, on the other hand, is a mutually agreed upon activity that a couple discusses, and usually engages in, together.

Myth: Swingers will have sex with anyone

Swingers are actually incredibly picky when it comes to choosing their partners. Just as anyone is when they are choosing someone to be sexual with, swingers often choose their additional sexual partners based on attraction, chemistry, and who turns them on at the time.

Myth: Swinging is all about having multiple partners

Dead wrong. Many couples prefer to stick to the simplicity of threesomes (yup, those are considered swinging!) or having one-on-one sex with a single outside partner in a night. Contrary to popular belief, swinging isn’t like those orgies you see in porn.

Myth: STDs run rampant amongst swingers

Just like any other person who is sexually active, STDs are always a risk. That said, there is no research that shows that they are any more common in the swingers community, who often go to great lengths to protect themselves with condoms and selective partner choosing.

Myth: Women who swing are slutty

Don’t hate on a girl just cause she’s living out her sexual desires! Often the words spoken by those who are repressed in their own fantasies, the truth of the matter is that, just like you have things that you enjoy within a sexual relationship, so do swinger women. Instead of calling her slutty, try calling her empowered for going after what she wants.

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