Relationship Killers

Relationships can be tough to navigate. Most issues that crop up fall somewhere in the “shades of grey” category where no one person is clearly bang-on right. However, experts say there are a few things that do fall in the black and white category and can tank a relationship in no time, if both parties don’t deal with the issue.

1. Disrespect
Name calling. Undermining your partner in some way. Ridicule. All huge relationship bombs that most don’t recover from. It’s a good idea to speak your mind but when the conversation turns ugly and mean spirited, it’s a tough bounce-back to make and often not worth the hassle.

2. Money
Getting on the same page in terms of finances is key for a successful relationship. If one person is off making purchases the other finds frivolous, you are in for trouble in the long-haul. Get together and see if you can come up with some financial goals that you can work on in tandem.

3. Laziness
We don’t mean of the sitting on the couch, channel surfing variety. We mean the absence of effort. Every relationship takes work and committing to that work on an everyday basis, relationship experts advise. When you stop making the effort to underline how special the other person is to you, things stagnate.

4. Friends
A sticky issue. But a problematic friend or two on either side can sabotage even the best of relationships. So if boundaries with these friends aren’t set early, prepare for a rough ride ahead.

5. Children
Clarity on child rearing and expectations is key in maintaining a united front and keeping the both of you happy and in alignment. If you haven’t talked about how you want to raise kids and whether or not you have the same views, try and have that conversation if kids are what you are planning on down the road.

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    i love the tips you give .
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    i love the tips you give .

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