3 Tried & True Dating Tips

Dating is a minefield.  And if you're as awkward as I, you over think, over analyze and wind up a bit flustered and worried about what to say and do!

Thankfully, these tips-inspired by my own experiences and those of my friends, have really changed my dating life.




Chemistry. Never liked the course in High School, but when it comes to dating…it’s the equivalent of air. This brilliant tip came from Joan Rivers (yeah, I was shocked too) and it can really transform the way you feel, your body language and ultimately ‘sparks’ from the date. If looking at their lips, smile, and the sound of their voice makes you weak to your knees and giggly, you’ve cleared stage one! Lust. Check.


And now, compatibility. Do you feel like you can say anything around him and feel comfortable? Can you tell him the same joke you’d tell your friends? Does he laugh at the same things? The balance is in the desire to act as the best version of yourself, but knowing deep down that you can relax and he’d still love you just the same.


Ok. So this sounds a bit like self-sabotage. But for a stubborn realist like myself, it works. Try to imagine a scenario that will lead you to break-up. Is it an external situation that will lead you to break up? Such as an unforeseeable job opportunity that leads to relocation? Or is it something more about the personalities in the relationship? Is it that you do not communicate and slowly drift apart? Do you feel that deep down you are still looking for “someone better”? Be VERY honest and realistic with yourself. Expiration dating has its time and place, but taking the time to evaluate is always helpful.

I hope that these three dating tips help get you through the dating minefield! And though the tips above are in broad strokes, a relationship is all about the little things. If he makes you happy and you can keep the sparks flying with your best friend, hang-on, ‘cause you’ve got a good thing.

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