5 Ways To Disguise a Bad Haircut

Haircuts are incredibly personal. A mullet-ish cut is devastatingly to the self-esteem and could lead to a month of apartment hermit-ting. We’ve all been there. In hindsight, I am grateful for my numerous at-home haircuts, (aka. self-inflicted hair shame) because these experiences have forced me to learn a few helpful hair tricks!

Here are 5 tried and true ways to rebound from a hair disaster:

  1. Shed some tears!

Even celebrities are no strangers to hair-hacking. That being said, take some time to a few tears and wallow in self-pity and this fragile time, avoid mirrors, cameras and reflective surfaces. But try to remind yourself of the silver lining- the 'look' is not permanent! Hair will grow!!

  1. Try Hair Accessories!

Headbands, bobby pins, clips and anything decorative is fair game. Use a variety of headbands, elastics, and 'up-do' styling tools! If your concern is uneven bangs, or super short hair on the sides, you can use two bobby pins to secure your hair back and crisscross them on top of each other and secure with some hairspray. Anthropologie and BCBG have some sparkly accessories that can distract from the chopped fringe. A glittery headband and a ponytail can save the day!

  1. Braiding and Updo's

Besides the tried and true ponytail, there are a number of gorgeous and trendy updo's that can disguise a bad cut. If your hair is thin, braiding is always a good option. The pinterest trend- waterfall braiding is a good option to test out.

  1. Hair products

There are lots of products that add volume, tame, and texturize unruly haircuts. Try a surf spray to transform a choppy cut into sexy morning after hair. A volumizing mousse can give limp hair some texture. And styling cream can slick short bangs into an updo.

  1. Hair extensions

A dramatic route, but if you do not want to wait for your hair to grow, there is always the option to “fuse”. I know people that have done this with mixed results. Make sure you proceed to a salon with a reputable record.

Just remember, have fun, and don’t let one, two, or three bad hair experiences scare you from trying something new. It’s not permanent…even that permanent hair dye you just tried. It’ll grow out, grow back, and this will all become another funny story.

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