Beauty Beverages a Cup of Tea?

Let's hear it for advancements in the cosmetic industry, you guys. And by "advancements" we most certainly mean "probably the most tried-and-true approach to health in the world's history." Correct: the next big beauty trend may not be creams or topical products — it's old-fashioned tea.

Thanks to Kusmi, the 145-year-old Russian-born, Paris-adopted brand, you may be able to drink your skin care through their new BB tea (which, in this case, actually stands for Beauty Beverage), and boost your immune system in the meantime.

According to, the blend consist of anti-oxidant green tea, vitamin A-rich and C-packed dandelion, and "alpha-hydroxy-laced rooibos" which promote hydration, boosts immunity, and removes toxins from the body. Though it requires a bit of a commitment: Kusmi CEO Sylvain Orebi suggests five cups a day for optimum results. Though considering you can eat (and it's not drank as part of a cleanse), that's actually doable — especially if you put it on ice in the summer.

Healing from the inside-out! We can dig it.

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