What Do You Think Kourtney Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan Talked About?

Um, newsflash everyone: Kourtney Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan are friends and they’re riding the wave of #twinning, even if I hate that hashtag so much.

But honestly who am I to critique this union when they switched clothes yesterday in London, therefore announcing to all of us that they were the type of best friends we can all aspire to becoming.


So the real question of the hour is: what do you think they talked about? Here are my theories:

– The Parent Trap

– Lindsay Lohan’s flawless hair in The Parent Trap

Mean Girls

– Why they traded clothes

– Other people who have traded clothes

– How they chose to trade clothes despite being millionaires who can just buy their own version of the clothes

– Clothes in general

– Fitness, I bet

– How fitness Snapchats are next level (they’re not, and I hate them) (I’m sorry)

– How I’m very judgemental about other people’s Snapchats

– How my opinions are very loud, always

– Actually me, in general, probably

– But also how we’re all kind of like Meredith in The Parent Trap

– The fact that Meredith in The Parent Trap wasn’t bad, she was just inconvenient

– How weird it is that the parents in The Parent Trap literally did not tell their children that a sibling existed

– Like, that is super weird

– So weird I mean, what if someone needed an organ transplant?

– Anyway

– How everyone would’ve hated an impromptu camping trip ala The Parent Trap

– How the butler in The Parent Trap was pretty cute

– How Dennis Quaid was really cute

– How the entire aesthetic of The Parent Trap was actually killer

– How pairing a top hat with a wedding dress was a move few of us would’ve personally made, but who questions Natasha Richardson

– God, I miss Natasha Richardson

– Anyway, the other Kardashians they for sure talked about the other Kardashians

– Lumee light cases

– Whether Kris thinks she’s one of the sisters or if she’s accepted that she’s a mom

– Instagram

– Instagram likes

– Instagram follows

– Hashtags

– Whether or not to use the #twinning hashtag

– Satisfaction over not using the #twinning hashtag

– Whether or not Lindsay Lohan will guest on Keeping Up With the Kardashians

– How much I, personally, would enjoy that

– And so would all of you


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