Obscure Christmas Movies You Need to Revisit this Year

From horror to teen romcoms starring JTT, this roundup of Christmas movies (ones that you likely forgot about along the way) will serve as a welcome distraction from the onslaught of relatives and cheer-requiring gatherings. Declare a silent night to yourself, pop some popcorn, grab some eggnog and camp out in your parent’s basement with one of these fine films. 

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Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

In this cult splatter film, Santa Claus is an axe murderer. Yep. This movie sparked some controversy in the ’80s (mostly due to the ad campaign that depicted some graphic imagery), but there’s a good amount of gore throughout and a pretty controversial plot line. The story focuses on a young boy who witnesses his parents’ brutal murder by a Santa suit-clad man, then is sent to an abusive Catholic orphanage where he eventually develops a penchant for murder himself. (This one is for when you’re reeeallly not in the mood for Love, Actually.)

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