Jennifer Lawrence is “Too Cool,” According to Julia Roberts

Okay, so when I first heard the term "America's Sweetheart," I wanted to die. And then I wanted to die again when Julia Roberts apparently claimed Jennifer Lawrence was "too cool" to be dubbed as such. (Because, you guys, "America's Sweetheart"? We're past that. These women kick ass on the daily, 99.9% of the time. Does "Sweetheart" mean "nice"? What are we doing here.)

However, all was well once it became clear: Julia Roberts told MTV J-Law was "too cool" to be given such a distinction.

"I think she's fabulous," said Roberts. "But she shoots flaming arrows! She seems cooler than that. Right? Isn't she too cool to be?"

Amen, Julia Roberts. And so are you. Which probably explains why the "America's Sweetheart" club is out another member, too.

"My card is expired, and I didn't get a new one," she said.

Excellent. Who wants to be a member of that club anyway? Julia Roberts has always been an advocate for equality and women's rights (as well as renowned for not taking any shit from anybody), so to align her with being just "nice" and "smiling a lot" (which I guess is what a "sweetheart" does?) is a disservice.

Anyway. Here's to strong women in the industry, and to smart comments from Julia Roberts. Please call Jennifer Lawrence, and let's all hang out.

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