The Originals Episode 8 Recap: The River in Reverse

Everybody’s got an ulterior motive – and they all seem to be working against Klaus these days.
Just when we thought he might be an okay guy, everyone else around him has determined he’s only interested in his heir so he can turn it into a hybrid-making machine, which nobody wants to see. To be fair, Klaus himself never said anything of the sort. His family, foes and acquaintances alike are just assuming the worst and none of them want to see that happen. Although they’re not all working together or in the same way, everyone is working against him in some fashion, it seems.
So Klaus has to defend himself.
But first we get a tease from Rebekah, who goes to the church for a confession at the beginning of the episode. She says, “I am a liar. A betrayer. I have conspired against my own blood. And I doubt even your God could save me.” Then we quickly flash back to 24 hours previous, so it feels like something really significant is going to happen this episode. Something really crazy… But it never happens.
Sure, we see Elijah struggling with hallucinations from the werewolf bite Klaus gave him last episode. Hayley’s tending to him in the Bayou, where someone is spying on her. Someone who steps in and saves her from Elijah when he is out of it and almost kills her. 
The Originals Epsiode 8
And we see Tyler explaining to Marcel’s crew all about Klaus, the baby and the threat they pose before Rebekah steps in and snaps his neck and she and Marcel bury him to keep him out of their way, temporarily, which is the same fate they hope for Klaus – “I should have buried him a hundred years ago,” says Rebekah. (Expected.)
We see Rebekah in full force against her brother, conspiring with Marcel. She would rather put a stop to Klaus than to the baby, which is what Tyler was seemingly about to propose. (Fair enough.)
Finally, we see Cami typing up Klaus’s mad ramblings for him. “You are the architect of your own unhappiness” she tells him, as he repeats his misery. (Boring.)
Then we get to what we believe will be the big moment, what we’ve been waiting for since Rebekah’s confession. Marcel and Rebekah confront Klaus, Original killing dagger in hand. Marcel summons all his vampires to take him on. Klaus actually looks concerned for a second but it doesn’t last and Marcel and Rebekah end up surrendering to Klaus – the opposite of what they had intended. The fight is short and quick and not as dramatic as you might expect with so many vampires, a couple of Originals, including a hybrid, and the King of New Orleans.
Instead of daggering Klaus to solve all their problems, he’s now gained more power. 
And, as always, Elijah is still determined as ever to find salvation for Klaus and put his family back together, happy and healthy. Klaus, of course, has other ideas. 
He’s jealous that Hayley is closer to Elijah than to him and is angry his siblings sided with his enemies and automatically thought the worst of him. Instead of choosing to stand by him, they betrayed him. 
Then Klaus surprises everyone and says the child Hayley’s carrying is the only thing that matters to him in the world – and then he takes her away. Bam! That's it.
Best quote: “Loyalty. You can’t buy it. You can’t own it. You can’t force it. It comes only out of love and respect for the people who believe in you.” – Marcel to Klaus, saying he’ll never know it. “Enjoy your kingdom.”
New to us: Elijah hallucinating about a woman named Celeste, a witch he once loved. He had found her dead, courtesy of Klaus.
Family history: The woman watching Hayley ends up telling her that Marcel is behind the disappearance of her family. He had a witch swap their states so they’re wolves all the time and turn human on the full moon, instead of the reverse. She advises her to keep her birth mark hidden if she wants to stay safe. 
Duh: Cami finds a newspaper article from 1919 with Klaus and Marcel both visible in the photo and says “I know them, both of them.” I really don’t think vampires would be stupid enough to have their photos taken. This is similar to how Elena put together Stefan’s history in The Vampire Diaries and seems like an easy out for the storyline. 

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