Jake and Vienna Face-Off

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi seemed (at least to some) like the perfect couple on the last season of The Bachelor. But, now the two have parted ways, and it doesn’t look amicable. 

During the filming of the Bachelor Breakup Special (to be aired July 2nd), audience members say the pair got pretty heated and one claims that Jake was so angry that he actually “lunged” at Vienna. I find that hard to believe, but this story just keeps getting better. 

The scorned lovers both claim to be the one who ended their engagement. Vienna, 24, says she ended her relationship with Jake because he refused to be intimate with her, and even went as far as to question his sexuality. However, Jake, 32, says he’s the one that deserves the credit, claiming that he called it quits with Vienna over the phone after hearing speculation that she sold their personal story to a tabloid. Jake also claimed that his ex-fiance might not have been completely faithful

ABC is definitely trying to cash in on this break-up, quickly pulling together an “emotionally driven” special featuring the first meeting of the couple since they ended their relationship. ABC also confirmed that no violence took place during the taping. 

This seems to be one hell of a break-up, especially since so many people have the potential to make money from it. Not to mention that Jake and Vienna are both getting quite the career boost from their soon-to-be public displays of distaste towards each other. 

I’ve always been one to find The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to be slightly questionable, and the whole premise of the show just screams ‘hoax!’ However, I might just tune in next week to see what kind of allegations get thrown around about who ended the relationship and why. It’ll be just like a bad accident on the side of the road; and absolute train wreck that you cannot look away from. 

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