Emma Watson Heading Back to School

It’s a red-letter week for Emma Watson: not only is the Harry Potter actress part of the the film that became the highest grossing movie of the weekend (and the highest grossing premiere of history – or something), the British star is planning on heading to Oxford and graduating in 2013.

In an interview with the Virginian Pilot, Ms. Watson confirms that she’s still enrolled at Brown (where she began studies in 2010), “but is doing [her] third year abroad . . . going to Oxford to study English for a year”.

However, rumours she’s abandoned US academics completely can now be put to rest: “I’ll go back to the States to do my last year.” (So, you hear that everyone? We can probably schedule casual walk-bys or enroll ourselves and hope for best friendship.)

But that’s not all the Emma Watson news: word on the street is that the actress is in talks to star in a Beauty and the Beast remake directed by Pan’s Labriynth director Guilllermo del Toro, which should make everyone especially grateful since memories of last year’s (this year’s?) Beastly can finally be forgotten.

The only way this week can get better? Finding out Ms. Watson’s actually dating the major babe that is Matthew Lewis.

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