Stars Hit Glastonbury

Glastonbury Music Festival turns 40 this year, and it’s celebrating in style.

The festival, which is normally a mud-bath-turned-bog, has seen record temperatures this year. Many festival-goers have even been treated for sunstroke “ but that hasn’t slowed down the party.

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson is among the notable attendees. Ahead of promoting the latest flick in the franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part I, Watson was seen enjoying the sunshine with boyfriend George Craig. Adorned in a Louis Vuitton corset and shorts, she seemed relaxed, and even sported a fake tattoo on her shoulder. 

And while Peaches Geldof partied it up in L.A. with boyfriend Eli Roth, sister Pixie also hit Glasto in barely-there pants. Also spotted in the celeb-brigade was Alexa Chung, Kelly Osborne and fiancé©e Luke Worrell.

Kate Moss has been a staple at the festival for years, this one being no exception. Arriving with beau Jamie Hince, Moss followed this year’s trend of short-shorts and hotpants, pairing hers with black cowboy boots.

While the sweltering heat and star-factor has kept festival-goers pleased, many feel the musical line-up has fallen somewhat short. After U2 had to pull out due to Bono sustaining a back injury, the virtual band Gorillaz stepped in, with Blur front man Damon Albarn helping out. The set was deemed lacklustre by attendees and critics, but Snoop Dogg’s foul-mouthed set garnered positive reviews. Ahead of England’s nail-biting match-up against Germany today, Dizzee Rascal took to the stage to perform Shout for England, the unofficial England World Cup anthem currently at the top of the charts.

There are rumours circulating that Lady Gaga may even make a surprise appearance, but so far they’ve remained just that. But Gaga never shies away from an opportunity to shock “ or impress. Could we get a glimpse of Gaga at Glastonbury?


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