Rev-up Your Metabolism; Lose Weight

During these summer months, the idea of squeezing into a bikini or bearing all in those short shorts can be frightening.  If you boost your metabolism, you can shed pounds more easily and feel more comfortable stepping out in summer’s trends. Metabolism is process by which we breakdown food and transform that food into energy. Simply put, a higher metabolism means better digestion and the power to help you make it through the day.

1. Keep Cool
Studies have shown that cooler temperatures can boost our metabolism up to twenty percent! Keeping your home cool in the summer months and exercising in the evenings or before the sun rises outdoors can help you burn more calories.

2. Spice it up
Research has shown eating spicy foods like cayenne pepper or cinnamon can increase your metabolism by eight to twenty percent for approximately thirty minutes after eating. No need to overindulge; just a pinch will do the trick.

3. Drink Green Tea
Green tea is stocked with fat burning properties. Green tea is a main ingredient in diet pills for this reason. Studies show that after consuming green tea, your metabolism will increase by four percent. You can take it in capsule form or drink three to five cups a day with your meals.

4. Exercise
Although this seems like an obvious way to lose weight, it is important to also know that the more you exercise the speedier your metabolism gets. After a workout you are usually hungry, this is a sign that your body is burning calories quicker.

5. Eat More
You do not have to eat more food, just more frequent meals. Upping your daily meals from three to five will keep your energy sources steady. Smaller more regular meals will prevent your body from storing fat.

6. Always Eat Breakfast
Having something to eat, first thing in the morning, will give you that energy boost to kick start your metabolism for the day. Fruit and fiber is a great combo for your breakfast. A banana and fiber cereal with skim milk is an excellent way to begin your day.


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