Guiseppe Zanotti Talks About His BFF Kanye West

Can you imagine being friends with Kanye West. Okay, first: it would be awesome. It would also be terrifying, but more specifically, it would be everything, I'm sure. Fortunately, thanks to a recent interview with Life and Times, we no longer need to guess — Italian footwear designer Guiseppe Zanotti has offered a glimpse into life BFF-ing with Kanye. (And yes that's a term I just made up.)

Calling West a "renaissance" who "creates poetry for the mind and spirit," Zanotti defended his friend's designing endeavours — likely being theirs is a friendship of "sympathy and true brotherly love."

"People are too hard when something new changes the balance," he said. "Unfortunately, the fashion planet is not only a creative system, but also a political machinery. Kanye entered with his head held high and his brave nature has to be respected."

Now that is friendship — especially since the fashion world doesn't exactly have a reptuation for being warm and accepting.

As for the rest of West's designs? Well, that, Zanotti kept mum about. Though he did say he'd love to see Kanye at Milan Fashion Week because "he could shake the system with his adrenaline." And isn't that what fashion's supposed to be about anyway? 

Now, Zanotti: tell us what it's like having dinner with Kanye and Kim.

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